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What does e59 mean on canon printer?


You’re sitting at your desk, preparing to print a document. You press the Print button, and it starts printing, but then the printer stops in the middle of printing an image.

A message pops up on your screen: “E59.” What does that mean? And what can you do about it?

Canon printers are almost always reliable, but sometimes they do run into problems.

Your printer may be facing problems if you see the E59 canon printer error code. If a problem arises with your printer, it’s likely to be an issue with the print head or cartridges. For example, ink can run out and cause a blockage in the print head.

You will also need to replace the cartridge if it runs out of ink or is damaged. The most common cause of this error message is when a user has used an incorrect type of paper for printing, and this can damage their printer by stopping its functionality thoroughly.

The best way to solve these problems is by replacing parts such as new print heads or cartridges, enabling you to get back up and running quickly without too much hassle!

If your Canon printer is displaying an error code of E59, this means a problem with your print heads.

If your Canon printer displays an error code of E59, this means a problem with your print heads. The printer will not work until you fix the problem, and this can be done by cleaning the print heads or replacing them entirely if they are no longer working correctly.

It’s important to note that while there are several ways to clean the print head yourself, it shouldn’t be attempted unless you have experience doing so and know what you’re doing.

First thing: do not panic!

Before you panic, there are other options.

This message may appear when your printer has been idle for a long time and needs to be initialized, or the cartridge carriage is not in its home position. In either case, you can quickly fix this issue by following these steps:

  • Please turn off your printer and unplug it from power. Please wait 20 seconds before turning it back on.
  • Ensure that the cartridges are correctly installed and seated firmly in their slots by gently pushing them down (if they do not go all the way into their places). If necessary, remove any residual tape covering openings around them (if applicable).
  • Raise on one side of the cover assembly (this will allow you to access an area underneath where you can press a button), then release once it is open enough to move freely without obstructing anything else inside; then close again until snugly closed with no gaps between parts visible between either side of cover panel itself – this should ensure proper alignment during initial startup process when connecting everything correctly the first time around!

Here’s what you need to know about the E59 error message and how to fix it.

Here’s what you need to know about the E59 error message and how to fix it.

In this article:

  • What is an E59 error message?
  • What are the causes of an E59 error message?
  • How to fix an E59 error message in Canon inkjet printers.

How a Printer Works

Your printer works by applying ink to paper as a pattern or colour. The print heads use tiny nozzles to apply the ink and can become clogged with dried ink, which is why you may see an E59 error message on your Canon printer.

To fix this, try running your printer’s self-cleaning function:

  • Press and hold down the Power button for three seconds until it turns off. Count 3 seconds.
  • Turn on your printer again and check that all lights are green (or blinking). If they’re not, wait until they are before continuing with these steps; otherwise, press Cancel twice in succession.

Canon printers use print heads to align ink onto paper and print words and images.

A print head is a crucial part of any printer. They are responsible for applying ink to paper and printing text or images onto it. The print heads consist of tiny nozzles that use small drops of ink onto the form to create words or images. Unfortunately, they can become clogged with dried ink, preventing the printer from working correctly, resulting in an error code E59 on your Canon printer.

The print heads move along the paper, applying drops of ink.

The print heads move along the paper, applying drops of ink. The internal mechanisms of your printer are designed to move freely and use layers of ink smoothly, but if any obstruction is present within the print head assembly, it can cause problems for you. For example, if dried ink has built up on the back of one or more individual heads or in their feeder tubes, this can cause an E59 error message to appear and prevent your printer from working correctly.

The printer may display an error message if the print heads are clogged with dried ink.

The printer may display an error message if the print heads are clogged with dried ink.

Print heads are the part of your printer that puts ink on the paper. They can become clogged if you don’t use your Canon printer for a long time or if you do not clean them regularly. If your print head is blocked, then try cleaning it by following these steps:

  • Please turn off your Canon printer and unplug it from its power source.
  • Open up your Canon printer’s hood and ensure no wires or cables are in between their slots or outlets during this process!

Canon printers can be fixed if you know what to do.

If you want to fix e59 on your Canon printer, the first step is to turn off the printer and unplug it. This can be done by pressing a button on the front of your printer. Once done, use a damp cloth or cotton swab with water and gently clean all four print heads. After cleaning them, turn on your Canon printer again and try printing another document.


Hopefully, this article has made understanding how your printer works and the E59 error code easier. This can be a very frustrating experience, especially if you’re not sure where to turn for help.

But don’t worry! We’ve got everything right here on our website (and we’re always happy to answer any questions). Just call or email us anytime – we’ll get back to you with information on how best to fix this problem so that your printer is back up and running in no time!

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