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Can I use Morrisons voucher for party food to order


Hi, I’ve recently been asked if a Morrisons voucher could be used to buy party food. Unfortunately, this is impossible, as we cannot accept coupons for non-food products. However, here’s some information on how to use your voucher:

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Can you use a Morrisons voucher for Morrison party food?

  • Yes, you can use your Morrisons voucher for party food.
  • In-store and online, the process is the same as any other order from Morrisons.
  • When ordering by phone, we ask for your 16-digit voucher code and then give you a number to enter during payment.

Can you use your Morrisons 10% discount card on any food in the store?

You can only use the Morrisons 10% discount card to buy specific in-store products. To get your Morrisons 10% discount card, you must log in to your online account and click on ‘My Offers’. You will then see a list of all available offers you are currently eligible for. The request will start automatically when you make an eligible purchase with your registered Clubcard number at a participating store.

To use the offer:

  • Enter your Clubcard number and PIN into the automated checkout machine when making an eligible purchase from us – this includes instore or online at
  • Present your print-at-home voucher code (found under ‘My Offers’ on My Account) at the checkout when making an eligible purchase from us

When do Morrisons’ 10% off vouchers expire?

The expiry date of your voucher is written on the front of the voucher.

Your Morrisons 10% off vouchers expire 90 days after purchase and can be used in-store at any time during this period.

When using a Morrisons 10% off voucher, if you see “expired” anywhere on the screen or a receipt, then this means that you should have used it up before its expiry date.

If you aren’t sure whether a voucher has expired, ask a staff member to check for you before attempting to use it again.

How do you get Morrisons 10% discount cards?

There are several ways to get your hands on Morrisons 10% discount cards:

  • Order online. Visit the website, and you can apply for an account straight away. You’ll need to enter details, like name, address and date of birth. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes, and there’s no cost involved in setting up an account this way.
  • Order in-store or by post. As well as being able to purchase them at the till when you visit Morrisons (and many other supermarkets), you can also order them by post or via their text service if you prefer a more traditional method of purchasing goods online or by phone. However, note that this will cost £1 per card ordered through the post–so bear that in mind if budgeting is important to you!

Vouchers are suitable for general purchases at the store unless restricted.

If a voucher is for general purchases at the store, you can use it to purchase anything. This includes food, drinks and other items.

However, there are some restrictions on how you can use vouchers:

  • A voucher won’t work if the item is already discounted. For example, suppose you have a Morrisons 20% off food voucher and buy ten apples regularly priced at £1 each. In that case, your total bill will be £10 instead of £8 because there wasn’t any discount applied to those individual products by using your coupon code or cashback offer online.
  • You shouldn’t use up your entire budget on one thing! If they don’t have any restrictions like this, then go nuts!


The answer to the question, “Can I use Morrisons voucher for party food to order” is yes. But you will need to ensure that you have enough money on your account and the voucher code before placing your order.

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